How do I Delete Multiple Products from Categories?

With FSI/FSB you can easily delete products from the front or back-end of your store. If you want to delete an individual product because it was added in by accident or doesn't suit the category, you can do so on the front end. 

To Delete a Single Product

Click on the product you want to delete and you'll see the various options on the top right corner of your screen.

Once you click the Delete icon on the top of the screen your item will be deleted permanently. 

Deleting Multiple Products from a Category

If you wish to delete multiple or all products from a specific category you will go to: Products-->View Product Categories. Next to the Category is the Sort chart and next to it is the Amazon Products chart. Click on the number for the category you want to delete products in. For this example I chose the 15 for my Stainless Steel teapots category.

Once you click on the number, the page will open with all the products listed in there. Here you can select the items you don't want and choose the option to Delete.

**Please note that if you want to delete a whole category, you need to delete the products first, otherwise they will still be in your store.**

If you have hundreds or even thousands of products in your categories, it can be tedious to delete them by 50 listings. You can go to: Settings-->Store Settings--->Admin Settings and change the Default Listing per Page from 50 to whatever you want. This way you can delete all the products at once.

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