How to Use the Mega Menu Feature in Fresh Store

Fresh Store Instant has a new and exciting feature, the mega menu! This allows you to have a drop-down menu to showcase other pages. The below guide and video will show you how.

STEP 1. Go to Design--Template Options--Top Navigation Links

Here you will be able to select all the different pages you want for your main menu and sub-menu. You can add pages, categories, and custom links. The "Your Products" option will have Special Offers and Best Sellers. When you select these options, the drop-down menu will showcase products for them

STEP 2. Click on the orange plus sign (+) next to the page you want added to the top navigation links. These will be your main top pages.

STEP 3. In order to add sub menus, you will select and drag the page under the page or category you want. 

STEP 4. Once you've added all the links and sub menu links click the SAVE LINKS button. If you don't click this and exit the page, your settings will not be saved.

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