How to create great content articles in your Fresh Store

Fresh Store makes it easy for you to write and showcase your articles. You can write guides, product reviews, add your videos, and so on. You’ll go to: Content—Pages-->Add Page and paste your article in there.

Once you are in Content—Pages-->Add Page and paste your article, you can:

  • Add links to your store categories (one or two links are fine)
  • Bold keywords
  • Embed Product Image
  • Upload your own image (Make sure it is royalty free such as those from Pixabay)
  • Make a bulletin list
  • Add YouTube video

If you want to know what the icons under the Primary and Secondary Content are, just scroll over them with your mouse and the popup will tell you. 


The first thing you’ll do is double click on the keyword/category name in order to highlight it. Then you’ll select the Insert/edit Link icon. (Looks like a paperclip) A new box will open where you will be able to add your URL (copy it from your store front-end) and add the product title. The “Text to Display” will already be filled in for you when you highlight the word. If you change that text, it will change in your content as well.


Again, to make a keyword BOLD, first double click on the word to highlight it or click and drag with your mouse to select the parts you want. Once you have highlighted the section you want, select the B icon to make that section bold. The same instructions go for underlining keywords, making them Italic or Strikethrough. The icons are next to each other: B I S U


Another great feature in the content page is the option to embed products into your store. You can add single or multiple products to your text.  

First: Click on the Embed Product icon (last icon)

Next: Select display type (Large, Medium, Small size or Multiple images) If you select Multiple images, you’ll be able to choose from a category and how many images you want to display. 

If you want to display only one product, you will select one of the three sizes. The next step is to search for the product you want. You can add a specific keyword or the name of the product. You can also search for Bundles that you've created. You go to: Products--Add Product Bundles to create your bundles first. You will not be able to search for bundles if you didn't create any.
When you have selected the image you want, the size and the alignment, select OK to add it to your text.


If you want to upload your own personal image or a free image into your content, click on the Upload Image icon (next to Product Embed) 

Next, search for the image by selecting Choose File. Once you have selected the image, it will upload and you'll be able to select the alignment, where you want it to display.

Once you Insert the image, you will be able to resize it by dragging the corner of the image to the size you want it to be. 


If you have a list you want to showcase, the best way to do so is with bulletin points.

Just highlight the area you want to be bulletin and click on the Bullet List icon. 


If you created a video about your niche or want to promote a specific one for your article, you can easily add it in.
First, find the video you want to post and click on the SHARE option.

When you click on the SHARE, a new window will open. You need to select the Embed <> option if you wish to add the video to your content page.

When you click on the Embed, you will see a code that you will copy and need to paste in your store. There are a number of different embed options you can choose from in the options such as showing the player controls and title of the video. You can choose to select all options or omit from selecting any of them. This is up to you

Once you've copied the code, you'll go to your store content page and select Tools --Source Code.

A new window will pop up, with your content text. You can paste the code anywhere on the page. For this example, I chose to paste it at the bottom of my content.

Once you paste the code, click the OK and save your article. NOTE: The code will not show up on your edited content page. It will show up in the front end. The last thing to do is check out your article on your store.

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