How to Find eBay API Keys and Set Them in Your Store

This guide will go over where to find your CLIENT APP ID and CAMPAIGN IDs needed to run the FSB eBay feature.  The guide for the AUTH Key, you can find here. The direct link to your eBay Auth Token is HERE .


Generating eBay keys and adding them to your store from Fresh Labs on Vimeo.

To manage your eBay affiliate program, this is where you will check your sales, reports and manage your campaign ids.

To manage your API Key, you will need to go to

The 2 links above have their own account area, so you will need to register for both if you never did. Make sure to set the same password for the login or you could get frustrated trying to login with the wrong details.

Step 1.  First we will get the CLIENT APP ID needed for the FSB eBay Settings Page. Go to and click on My Account - Application Access Keys. You will need to login or register for your account if you never had one.

Step 2. Once you login, you should already see a APP CLIENT ID setup, if you don't you can click REQUEST KEYSET to generate new ones. You will just need to copy the APP ID (CLIENT ID). 

Step 3. With APP CLIENT ID you will also need a CAMPAIGN ID to set for your store. I would recommend setting up a new campaign id for each store you run, so you can track sales and progress. Login at and click on Campaigns - Active Campaigns

Step 4. If you are new to eBay then you might need to create a new campaign, these are just tracking ids for sales and reports. Click Crete Campaign and pick a name that relates to your website and they will give you a CAMPAIGN ID. 

Step 5. Now you are ready to start having some fun =). Now we will set the APP ID and Campaign ID for your store. Login to your freshadmin control panel and click on: SETTINGS - Your eBay Settings

Just paste in your CLIENT APP ID and CAMPAIGN ID under Tracking ID and Token,

Step 6.  Now we will go over the Design Tab and click on Template Options

The settings for ebay will be all the way at the bottom.

eBay Related Products Title- Here you can change "The Best Products on eBay" to anything you want. I changed it to Deals from eBay
eBay Related Products Quantity- This is how many eBay items you want to showcase. The default quantity is 10 but you can change it to as many or as few items as you want.
Display eBay Related Products- This option allows you to either hide or show the eBay items on your store.
Display Amazon Related Products- This option allows you to either show or hide Amazon related products. We gave you the option to show both, eBay and Amazon, products on your store or either one.
Product Info Page Sort Order-This option allows you to change up the order of:
*Amazon Related Products
*User Reviews
*eBay Related Products
Show View eBay Options Button- This option adds another box under your Add to Cart and/or Buy from Amazon boxes. When the customer clicks on it, they will be taken to the section on that page that has the eBay items. 

Step 7.  Now you are ready to set keywords for your product. The FSB eBay feature will pull the product title and search it on eBay and if anything matches, it will show them.
If you are not seeing the eBay widget on your product page like the example below, that means you will need to set a keyword for your product. You will need to edit that product.

Step 8 . When you are on the Edit Product screen, click the OPTIONS tab and you will see the eBay Keywords field. For this example I just took the main product title which is "Wings Mikuni 24". 

Step 9.  Now you can see the eBay widget showing on my product page, looks really cool.
If you notice that Amazon Related products are showing before the eBAy widget, its because I changed the sort order under Template Options as shown earlier in this guide. You can change the sort order of the widgets for the product page.

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