How do I add Content Pages to Top Navigation Links?

When you write an article by going to: Content -->Add Page it won't be visible on any of your pages unless you direct it to the location you want. You have two choices where you can place your articles:

  1. At the top menu bar (Top Navigation Links)
  2. Create a Sidebox for your Articles and Guides

To add your article or guide to the top navigation links, you would go to:
Design-->Template Options-->Top Navigation Links

Once you are in your Top Navigation Links section you wil see all the content pages you can add to your top menu bar. By clicking on the plus (+) icon next to the content, it will add it to the right side for your Top Navigation Links.

Once you've added the pages you want to your top navigation links, click on the SAVE LINKS. This will save your changes and update your top menu bar.

The last thing to do is go to your store front end and see the Top Navigation Links to make sure everything looks good and how you want it to look.

This is how you would add your content pages to your top navigation links.

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