Why are new products not showing on my Fresh Store?

Why are new products not showing on my Fresh Store?

  • Adding Products Quickly - If you are building a new store and adding products quickly, not all of them will fully update and you might see a different product count compared to your Freshadmin Categories page and your live store category page.
  • Store is not Live - If your store isn't live that will also affect the speed the products update and the product count might not match up. As your store is set to live and you start getting traffic and people are visiting the product pages, then they will start to update and show on your live store.

If you would like to see all the products live on the store, you can enable the Products Without Offers parameter and it will show them live on your store. To do this go to Settings >> Store Settings >> Product (Right Side)

You need to make sure the 2 parameters shown below are turned on.

  1. Display Products Without Offers
  2. Display Amazon Link for Products Without Offers

Important: Clear the store cache every time you make a change to have it saved and applied to your website.

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