How do I add and change the content on my Fresh Store?

Adding unique content to your store adds value and FSI makes it easy for you to do so. You can easily add content to all of your content pages and create new pages. You can create articles, guides, even product reviews and add them all on your FSI store and not use a blog. In order to add articles to your store and have them show up, you’ll need to:

  1. Go to Design--->Sideboxes--->Add Sidebox. Make sure that the Sidebox Type is set to Page Links and for the Title add what you want your Sidebox to be. You can have multiple Sideboxes so you can have one for Articles and Guides, one for Product Reviews, one for your recommendations, and so on. This can make it easier for customers to find what they want to read about. Once you name the Sidebox go to the bottom of the page and select Add Sidebox

2. Once you’ve created your Sidebox, you’ll go to Content--->Pages--->Add Page. There you will be able to add a title for your article, paste your content or write it in there, link your keywords to your categories, embed products from your store, and add an image or video. 

3. Once you’ve completed your articles, added all the product images, linked your categories and so on, you will choose the Options tab. There you will make sure to select the Sidebox where you want your article to go under and hit the SAVE ALL button

You can now go to your store and see your Sidebox and the articles under that you’ve written.

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