Do I Need a Domain and Hosting?

The first product we released was Fresh Store Builder, this is our main amazon affiliate script for building amazon stores. This version of the script works on third party hosting providers, as long as they meet the requirements below, you will need to check with your host support to see if they offer it.

Fresh Store Builder Self Hosted Script Hosting Requirements 

Operating System: Linux or Unix
Web Server: Apache (or comparable)
PHP Version 7.1
IonCube 10 module
MySQL Version 4, MySQL Version 5 and above

With Fresh Store Builder Self Hosted Version, you will need to purchase your own hosting account and manage any issues that come with it. You will also need to purchase a domain to use with Fresh Store Builder if you don't already own any domains. 

To purchase Fresh Store Builder Self Hosted Script, please go to


Fresh Store Instant (FSI) is the brand new platform we are working that incorporates Fresh Store Builder with our super fast cloud hosting servers. 

With a Fresh Store Instant package, you will not need to purchase hosting accounts. 

Hosting is included with all Fresh Store Instant packages and we manage the hosting account for you. Any issues that come up, we will fix.  

We also include a long list of domains that you can quickly setup stores under sub-domains to launch without having to buy your own domain. Click here for a FREE TRIAL of Fresh Store Instant

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