Can We Use Other Affiliate Programs with Fresh Store?

Yes, using the "Custom Products" feature, you can use other affiliate programs and even sell your own products.

This feature allows you to link to any other affiliate program, product, payment method, or link. If you would like to promote products from eBay, Clickbank, Adsense, or any other affiliate program, you can do so.

Another option is to use the HTML feature in categories, products, pages, sidebars, etc.

Adding HTML to product, content, or category pages. 

Find the page you want to add the HTML to. In the example below, I'm going to add HTML to a category page. You will always see the "Tools" icon on the editor and select Source Cod. This will open a new window and let you add your own HTML, java code, or affiliate-generated codes. 

A new window will open when you click the edit HTML icon.

Make sure to click OK once you add your code and then SAVE the page you are also editing.

Adding HTML Code to Sidebar 

If you would like to insert HTML into your sidebar go to: DESIGN-->SIDEBOXES-->ADD SIDEBOX. 

Under Sidebox Type choose Free HTML. Add your code in the HTML section and click Add Sidebox. 

If you're not seeing your changes or code delete your store cache under Tools-->Delete Cache and choose the "Click to delete all cache now" button. You should also delete your browser cache or open the store in a new incognito window if you're still not seeing the new changes. 

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