How to Create Product Bundles

Product bundles allow you to group products into a “bundle” to encourage the customer to buy a group of related products giving you more commissions.

To create a product bundle, perform the following steps.

Log into your store and click Products – Add Product Bundle

Give your product bundle a relevant name, link title and description.

 Click on the SEO and Meta link on the left hand side, and fill in the details

Now, click on Options and Info and select the category(s) you want the bundle to appear in.

And finally, click on Product List – this is where we will add the products to the bundle.

I am going to search for “Love Board Games” to find the bag and keyring.

Once the products appear, click the green plus button to add them to the bundle. You can search multiple times and add as many products as you want, but it is recommended to keep the number quite low, and ensure the products are related.

Once you have added your products, click “Save All”

If you wish to remove a product, click the red x next to the product.

To view existing product bundles, click products – view product bundles

You can then choose to view the bundle on your site, edit the bundle, add images, disable or delete the product bundle using the buttons on the right.

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