08 - Adding Content to Your Fresh Store

Here we take a look at a very important aspect of your Amazon store – content.

Why is content important?

If you intend to receive organic traffic from any of the major search engines you must always consider the quality of what you are offering and the content of your site. Google especially will judge your site (sometimes manually) on whether you are offering something useful or not – if they judge against you, you will be penalised in the rankings.

This is covered more in the next group of articles – “Adding Content and Value”.
 Where can I add content to my store?

You can add content to all areas of your store, including the products and categories. Here is a full list:

  • Homepage – you can edit the text on your homepage (and any standard page). Manufacturer logos also appear on the homepage once uploaded.
  • Pages – you can create new pages and link to them manually within the content, or add them to a sidebar.
  • Categories – when you create categories, there is a “Top Description” and a “Bottom Description” field for adding large amounts of content.
  • Products – Every product can be edited. You can change the titles, main descriptions, attributes etc.
  • Manufacturers – The manufacturers are imported automatically from Amazon. By default they are disabled. You can enable the manufacturers you want and then add content in the form of text and logos.

Inline Content Editing

Every piece of content is available to edit by browsing the actual website while logged in as admin and either clicking the content (e.g. the product title) or clicking the key icon in the top bar.

This is a great way to quickly make changes and keep your site fresh with content.

More about Content

See the individual guide pages for more information about manufacturers, categories, products etc. Remember not to launch sites without significant content and be sure to read our guides on “Adding Content and Value” before you make your site public.

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