How to use Product Queues in Fresh Store

A product queue allows you to group products together so you can edit them easily in bulk.

This is useful for ensuring products have the correct information and allows you to keep track of which products you have edited and which still need editing.

It also allows you to quickly create SEO optimized titles and unique content directly on your product pages.

To create a product queue, perform the following steps – for this example I am going to create a queue of board games and ensure that the product title and link title are correct.

Log into your store’s dashboard and click Content – Product Queues-->Add Product Queue

Give your product queue a name and description – something that describes what products your queue is going to contain. Then click Save.

After clicking Save you should be directed to the Active Product Queues page. You can also access this by clicking Content-->Products Queues –> View Product Queues. We are now going to add products to the queue.

To add products to the queue, click the orange plus sign on the right hand side.

The following screen allows you to add products to your queue based on categories, manufacturers, an attribute value or a blank attribute value. ( To enable Attributes go to: Products--->Attributes) You can also filter by products with no sales rank or no images, and you can choose to disable products whilst they are in the queue. Once the product has been processed in the queue it will be re-enabled.

For this example I am going to filter on the Cat Mugs category. Select your options then click “Add products”.

Once you have added the products you will be directed back to the “Active Product Queues” page where you will see your queue, however it will now show the number of products in the queue.

The queue is now set up with the relevant products in it.

Next, click on the Add Queue Run option on the page. 

This allows us to create a queue run based on the queue we have created. Firstly, select the product queue, then type a name for the run, for example “Ensure titles and link titles are correct” – so the purpose of this queue run is to view all the board games and ensure that the title and link title is correct.

Now select how many products you want to see on each page. You want to keep this number around 10 as this is how many you will process on each page. you also need to select the details you are going to edit so I am going to tick title and link title.

Once finished, click “ Add queue run” located on the same page, above the Options.

You will now be directed to the Product Queue Runs” page – you can also access this page by clicking Content– Product Queue-->Saved Queue Runs.

The queue run is now ready to process, so we can click the small Play button on the right hand side to start processing the queue.

The process queue run page will show all the products in the queue, 10 at a time (as this is how many we selected previously).

You can now update the title and link title on all of the products shown on the page, and click any of the “ Save All” buttons to apply the changes.

Once you have saved them, these products will be removed from the queue run (but will remain on the queue) and the next 10 products will be shown ready for editing.

You can create as many queue runs as you like for each queue – the queue contains the products and the queue run contains the details you are going to edit.

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