Changing Content with the Inline Edit Feature in Fresh Store

With this edit bar you can quickly edit any category or product page you are viewing on your store.

  • Red Arrow – Quick Links to important pages, your control panel, guides, account area etc.
  • Blue Arrow – You will find this on every page you visit on your store. This will take you directly to the editor box for that page.
  • Purple Arrow – This goes to the current list of content pages you have in your store.

You also have the quick edit links on the top right of the in-line bar on category pages. You can quickly click to go to the editor page, you click to see a list of pages and the Orange Arrow will take you directly to the auto-populate setting for that category.

If you visit any category on your store you can quick quickly edit the Category Title, Category Description. Just click on the text and the editor should appear for you to edit the content.

You will have the same options when you visit a product page on your store. The top right quick links are.

  • Blue Arrow – Direct Link to Edit This Product in the Backend.
  • Yellow – This will take you to the “Regenerate Content” feature in the backend for this item.
  • Green – This will update the product, it will check the stock/price from Amazon api.
  • Purple – This will take you to the Manufacturer’s Edit Page, that this item is under.
  • Black – This will take you directly to Amazon’s website to see the item directly on their website.
  • Brown – This will enable/disable the product. Light ON Enabled – Light OFF disabled.
  • Cyan – This will hide the product. (I would use this feature if you are using auto-populate and the item keeps being added but you don’t want it showing on your store, if you delete it, it will just add it back into the store, by hiding it, it will not show on your store)
  • Red – This will delete the product from your store.

You can also quickly edit the products Title, Descriptions and Amazon Description while viewing the product page. Just click on the text and the editor will appear and click off the editor to save your changes.

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