Conversion Pro Template - Homepage Widget Guide

Conversion Pro will revolutionize the way you promote Amazon products. Conversion Pro is a fully responsive (i.e. mobile ready!) single page template with a strong focus on conversions. The design is inspired by successful landing pages and includes proven persuasive elements. Your visitors are going to see a strong product image, catchy headline, customer testimonials, persuasive Call To Action buttons, videos and all the custom content you want to add. With our new Widgets system you get to choose exactly which elements you want on your page and order them exactly as you like.

This guide will go over the Conversion Pro Widgets. To add/delete/edit widgets, click on the Content Tab in Freshadmin and then Widgets link.

14 Conversion Pro Widgets

  • Call To Action Widgets
  • Content Tabs
  • Custom HTML
  • Custom Image
  • Customer Reviews
  • Headline
  • Introduction
  • Link Bar
  • Product Image Slideshow
  • Related Products
  • Text and Image Combo
  • Text Block
  • Testimonial
  • YouTube

You can also see Examples of these widgets in action on our Live Demos here:

Conversion Pro Kindle Example Demo

Conversion Pro Guitar Example Demo

Conversion Pro Watch Example Demo

1. Call to Action Widget

The below image is a example of the Call to Action Widget.

You can easily adjust the location of the Call to Action widget. In this example we have it on the top of the page.

Call to Action Widget Options

When you are on the Widgets page, you can click to edit any active widget you have. When you click the EDIT icon, the options for that widget will open. Each widget will have its own set of options. Please take a few minutes to read each description to see what it does. Its very easy to change something if you make a mistake. Every time you edit a new widget, just click SAVE and then view your site to see if you like how it fits in the location you set it.

Button Action – This parameter is very cool. Here you can set where the Call to Action button links, you can set it to go to the View Product page, Direct to ADD Cart, View on Amazon or Custom URL.

2. Content Tabs Widget

This widget lets you display all the details for the product you choose. Details are added automatically from Amazon and displayed in a beautiful tabbed format, and you can add additional custom information. HINT: You can hide a tab in the “Template Options” section.

Content Tab Widget Options

Just do a search for your product and then select it under the Widget Options. The 2 Tabs I have a arrow on the image below are the only 2 tabs that have information filled in for this product. You can edit the product information and fill in additional information in the other fields.

You can also set a custom name for each of the Tabs shown below.

This image below shows the Content Tabs live on the website.

3. Custom HTML Widget

This is a very basic widget tab, you can insert any custom HTML to show in this widget. Then you can set a location for this widget easily from the WIDGETS page in freshadmin Content tab.

This is what the widget looks like when displayed on the website.

4.Custom Image Widget

This Widget will let you upload any image you want for your stores home page widgets layout. You can set a custom link for the image or no links at all.

Here is how the widget is displayed on the website. We zoomed out of the website so you can see widget with the others.

5. Customer Reviews Widget

To use this Widget, you will need to add some Customer Reviews for your product. The quickest way to do this, visit the product page and scroll to the bottom and submit some reviews for the product, as shown in the image below.

You might also want to read our Guide for Adding Customer Reviews.

Widget Options: You only need to find the product you want to display the reviews from and you have the option to set a custom Widget Title.

Here is how the widget will appear on your website. HINT: You can edit the reviews in the admin area and upload images for the avatars if an image doesn’t show.

6. Headline Widget

Add a sharp and snappy headline to grab your visitor’s interest.

Here is how the widget will look on the website. You can add as many of these as you like and position them anywhere you like.

7. Introduction Widget

Add a heading, introductory text and a Call to Action in a single block.

You can upload your own image to be used in this widget. You will see a example below these images. You will have full control of the Call to Action button in this widget. You can select 4 different options for the button. You can have it go direct to the cart, amazon, view product page or set a custom url.

How this widget will look on your website.

8. Link Bar Widget

Add a group of links to other pages on your store. You can easily select any core pages or add a custom link to the link bar.

This is how the Widget will look on your website. You can change the location of any of these widgets. I’m just putting them on the top to make it easier to show them.

9. Product Image Slideshow Widget

Display the product images for your Featured Product in a slideshow. You can control these images on the product edit screen. Just search for the product and select it.

If your product does not have many images or any good ones, you can manually upload product images in the new version. All you need to do is edit the product and click on the Product Images Tab.

Here is how the widget will look on your site

10. Related Products Widget

Choose a featured product and a selection of related products will be shown. The exact related products to show can be configured by editing the product.

Just search for the item you are using this theme for and select it. It will automatically display the Related Products set for that item.

You can also Custom Pick the products you want to show under the Related Products widgets. The first thing you need to do, is add the products to your store using the ADD BY ASIN or any other feature to add products to your FSB Store. Then you need to Edit your main product and click on the Related Products tab. Here you will need to check off the box “Use Manually Selected Related Products” and search for the new items you added that you want related to this product.

You might also want to look at our How to Choose Custom Related Products guide.

Here is how the Related Products Widget will look on your store.

11. Text and Image Combo Widget

Add a custom image and text together to highlight features of your product. Upload your custom image, choose its position and use the editor to write your text

Here is how this widget will look on your live store. We’re just putting these widgets on the top so I can easily show you the current widget in the guide.

12. Text Block Widget

Insert a block of custom text. You can include a widget title for a sub-heading and format your text with the editor.

Here is how the Widget will show on your store.

13. Testimonial Widget

Enter an eye-catching testimonial for your product. Include an image of the testimonial author, enter your text and choose a background color to grab your visitor’s attention. You can add as many of these as you like in your Home Page Widgets area.

We added a second Testimonial widget real quick to show how 2 of them back to back look like. Here is how the 2 widgets will look on your website when placed next to each other.

14. YouTube Widget

Easily display a video hosted on YouTube directly on the page. Youtube Video Code

The code of your YouTube Video. For Example LWntxwDhx-I

(Everything after the )

Just find the video on youtube and follow the Video Code and paste into the widget.

You will have a few options for the video. You can set it to Auto Play on load. You can also set the video to be full width background and a color for the background.

Here is how the video looks on the live site.

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