How to use and change sideboxes

How To Use Sideboxes

This guide will go over adding new sideboxes, and the features associated with it. You can easily rearrange the sideboxes below and add new PAGE LINKS or FREE HTML sideboxes.

The first thing to do is login to your freshadmin control panel and click on Design – Sideboxes.

On the “View Sideboxes” page you will see all the current sideboxes you have, it will show Enabled and Disabled Sideboxes. From this page you can click the links to Add New Sideboxes, Reset Sideboxes or to Sort Sideboxes.

  • Blue Arrow – Add New Sidebox – You have 2 options, FREE HTML or a PAGE LINKS sidebox.
  • Purple Arrow- This will Reset the sort order if you modified it for your store, it will go back to default.
  • Red Arrow – This will let you position the sideboxes for your sidebar.

When you click ADD Sidebox, you will see the 2 different options to pick from.

  • FREE HTML – This you can use to insert your Adsense banners or any other affiliate codes you want displayed on your sidebar.
  • Page Links – This will let you easily add keyword links to any URL you want. You will have option to set it to No Follow and to Open in a New Window.

Green Arrow – “Only Show on these Pages (hold ctrl to select multiple pages)”  Very important, if you select any pages on this box, it will only show your sidebox on those pages. This feature is NOT to set where to show the sidebox.

Adding Free HTML Sidebox,

  • Green Arrow – The title for your Sidebox.
  • Orange – Your Custom HTML code, it can be any affiliate banners, adsense or any html code.
  • Purple – Sort Order – This lets you set the sort order for this sidebox.

Add Keyword Links using Page Links,

  • Purple Arrow – Title for your Sideboxes to be displayed on the sidebar.
  • Blue – You can add as many Custom Links using this feature. You can select a link title, new window or no follow option.

If you want to rearrange the location of your sideboxes on the sidebar, its very easy to do. Go back to the “View Sideboxes” page and click on “Sort Sideboxes”. You can also go to Design--Sort Sideboxes.

On the “Sort Sideboxes” page you can easily click and drag the sideboxes to the order you want and when you are happy with it, just click Save Order.

You can also find the direct links to Sideboxes, Add Sideboxes and Sort Sideboxes under Design. 

Sideboxes under the Design

From the “View Sideboxes” page you can click to edit each sideboxe you created. Once you create a new sidebox, you will see a new drop down that will let you Enable or Disable the sidebox.

Common Problems:

Q:Is there a quick way to reset the sidebox sort order.

A:Yes, when you are in the Freshadmin panel, click on the Content tab and then on the Reset Template Sideboxes.

Q:How do I add Adsense or other affiliate banners to my sidebar?

A:You would make a FREE HTML sidebox and then just insert the html code geneated by your affiliates website.

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