How to Add Pinterest Rich Pin Support to Your Fresh Store

What are Pinterest Rich Pins and why should I use them?

Pinterest rolled out Rich Pins on their site as a way of providing enhanced information to users. For our stores, the type of rich pin we want is the Product Rich Pin. Our templates have the necessary code markup for rich pins, but you have to apply to use them.

So what are they? Product Rich Pins have additional information with Pricing and In Stock Availability when you look at the pins detail page. This happens automatically once you have been approved and will apply to every pin shared from your site, either by you or your visitors.

Ready to get started? The process for approval is really easy!

Step 1: Go to

This is the Rich Pin validator page. Scroll down to the “ URL DEBUGGER” section.

Enter the URL to the PRODUCT DETAIL PAGE of one of the products on your store. It must be a single detail page, but it doesn’t matter what product you choose. Just pick one, and copy and paste the link.

Click the “ VALIDATE” button.

Step 2: Apply to enable Rich Pins

Your template has the necessary markup for Rich Pins, so you should see a success message that you can apply to enable your Rich Pins. The DOMAIN and radio button for HTML TAGS will already be there – just click the “ APPLY NOW” message.

You will then receive a message telling you they will review your application and email you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. If visitors to my site share my products, will they show as Rich Pins?

A. Yes, if you have applied and been approved as per the steps above.

Q. If I am using the Pinterest Posting Feature, will these be Rich Pins?

A. Yes, if you have applied and been approved as per the steps above.

Q. What if I have a question not covered here?

A. Please open a support ticket and we’ll help you out.

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