Why can I not add products to my Fresh Store?

When you can not add any products to your store, it usually means there is an issue with your Amazon Key, Secret Key, or Tracking ID. 

I do not have Amazon Keys yet.

With Fresh Cloud, we have Amazon API keys build into your stores and ready to use. Contact the support team to refresh the keys in your store to solve the issue.

I have my own Amazon Keys.

When you generate the 3 sales required for your own API keys, you can switch them over with the steps below.

  • Enter your Tag and select which Amazon Locale you’d like to advertise. To replace our API keys please go to Settings >> Store Settings >> Tags, Keys & Codes

  • Test your keys. Go to Advanced >> Amazon API >> Amazon API Test

Are your keys giving an error?

Error: Your Access Key Id is not registered for Product Advertising API

This error means that your keys are valid but are not activated for the “Product Advertising API”. Please follow these steps to fix:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Associates Account
  2. Click on “Product Advertising API
  3. Click the Sign Up image on the right side
  4. Click to login with your existing Amazon account
  5. Follow the steps and confirm your account
  6. Test your keys again on the right-hand side

Error: ‘Request Throttled’ or ‘Amazon API Request Limit’

This error means that your keys are valid but they are being used too much.

Amazon has an hourly limit on how much you can use the API. Once this limit is reached your keys will be temporarily blocked from accessing the API.

This is not usually a problem and Fresh Store will still work fine (it will retry regularly to get the information it needs). However, we recommend you look at other WordPress plugins and applications that use your Amazon Keys as they can be extremely inefficient.

Here is access to more information about Throttling: https://guides.freshlabs.group/article/126-why-am-i-seeing-the-amazon-message-api-requests-throttled

Error: Keys are not valid

This means Amazon is not recognizing your keys, please go back to your Amazon account and make sure your keys match letter for letter, with no extra characters, symbols are spaces at either end.

If you have tried all of the above please contact the Helpdesk and we will do our best to help.

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