How to use Product Attributes and Filters in Fresh Store

Adding product attributes to your products is a great way of allowing users to search for specific products and giving them all the details about the product.

A product attribute is a property of one or more products. Some examples of product attributes are:

Colour – the main colour of the product

Size – The size of the product (Small, medium, large)

Manufacturer – The manufacturer of the product

Weight – The weight of the product (100g – 200g, 200g – 500g, 500g – 1kg) etc.

These are all things that people may wish to search for.

Some attributes are provided by Amazon and automatically added to your products.

You can also add as many custom product attributes as you want.

To add product attributes, click Products –Product Attributes

This will take you to the product attributes page, where you can add new attributes and edit existing ones.

For this example, I am going to add a new product attribute called Cooperative Gameplay, which will determine if the board game is a pvp (player vs player) or cooperative game.

First, type the name of the attribute you want to add into the “Add New” box and click the add new button.

You will now see the new attribute appear in the list.

You can edit the display name and units by clicking on the current value. You can also decide if the attribute should appear in the side or search by changing the crosses to ticks and vice versa. If your value is a yes/no you can change this in the “value type” column.

You can then assign values to each product by clicking the “List/Edit all values for this attribute” button. (green pencil icon)

Next, you can assign a value to each product by typing it in the value box. As i have selected a yes/no drop down, I can select yes, no or none for each product.

Once you have assigned the relevant values to the relevant products (if a product does not have this attribute simply leave it blank, or if it is yes/no then select none), click save.

You can now see the product attributes in the “Filter Products” box which is visible within each category.

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