How do I link from my Fresh Store to my WordPress Blog?

Go to your DESIGN-> TEMPLATE OPTIONS -> TOP NAVIGATION LINKS. You will see the list on the left will now show your Pages, Categories and input boxes for a Custom URL.

Creating an External Link

To add an external link, simply go to the Custom Url input boxes and add a Title and URL and click on the ADD LINK button.

The TITLE is the name of the link, for example “Our Blog”, “Visit Our Blog”, etc.

The URL can either be a full url like or it can be a relative url.

For example, let’s say you have a blog installed on your site in a /blog directory. Since it is on the same site, the URL could simply be entered as /blog/

The first / tells it to start from the root of the site’s domain. So no matter what page you are on, it will always be It you forget that first /, then it will try to put /blog at the end of whatever page you are on – which is not what you want :-).

Once you have added your link, you will see it along with other links you’ve selected. You can reorder the links as needed, and add more Custom links if you need to.

Once you have everything selected and re-ordered, click on SAVE LINKS to apply your changes.

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