How do I enable Debug Mode on Fresh Store Builder?

The below is only for customers with third party hosting servers and if you are having issues installing the script. If you are FSI customer, this doesn't apply to you.

If you are having issues with your website not working properrly or you can't install it. You can enable the "DEBUG MODE" which will show what is missing or causing the error with your setup. You would then take those details to your hosting support team for them to enable the module needed or whatever changes they need to do on their end.

Please remember to turn the "DEBUG MODE" off once you are done so customers don't see errors generated on your live website.

You will need to connect to your hosting server and go to where you uploaded the FSB files. Then go into the "start" folder and find the "all.php" file.

You will need to change one word on line shown in the image above, its,
if ( ! defined( 'DEVELOPMENT_MODE' ) ) define('DEVELOPMENT_MODE', false);

You need to change the false to true, so it should be

if ( ! defined( 'DEVELOPMENT_MODE' ) ) define('DEVELOPMENT_MODE', true);

Please make sure to set it back to "false" after you are done troubleshooting your website.

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