Improve your website’s trust factors

If you want your Fresh Store Builder store to be as successful as possible, it needs to gain the trust of your customers. It is a fact that people will not buy products off a website that does not look legitimate.

This guide is going to give you some useful hints and tips on how to give your website a makeover to ensure that visitors are happy to buy products off you.

Domain Name

One of the most import parts of a website is the domain name. You want something that looks official and is easy for people to remember. Adding your store to a subdomain is fine as long as the naming of it keeps it relevant.

For example, if you have a domain called that sells books, and you want to create a store that sells trainers, you wouldn’t install it as a sub domain – you would register a new domain –

Make sure the domain name makes sense – try not to abbreviate too much.

Contact details

Show your address – a real world address, not the web address.

Adding a real world address to a website will gain peoples trust. For obvious reasons, you may not want to put your house address on there, so get yourself a PO Box / Mail box. There are lots of services out there that can supply you with an address you can use.

You could even add a phone number. Buy yourself a second sim card and setup call forwarding to you home phone or mobile – this way you are not having to carry around 2 phone and it wont cost you any extra other than the price of the sim.

Logo and design

Add a logo to your store – don’t just leave this as text. You want your store to look more professional so adding a logo can really help. You could design one yourself, or you could hire someone on a website like to create one for you for a small fee.

And customize your template to match your logo, but don’t forget to create a child template as you don’t want your changes being overwritten. You could also pay somebody to do this for you.

Press releases

Creating press releases for your website is an extremely common practice nowadays. There are lots of websites and pieces of software out there that can help you with this, so if you have something important to tell people, a press release is a great way of doing it.

Social media

Creating social media pages that integrate into your site is a great idea. Not only will it improve your visitor rate but it will allow your users to interact with you via your page.

Get yourself some page likes by using Facebook adverts – they are really cheap and can get you the genuine likes that you need. You can use them to target specific groups of people based on age, sex, location and interests.


Adding videos of you showcasing a product you are selling can show people that you are a real person and ar putting effort into your website, and not that it is just a page thrown together by a piece of software and left on autopilot.
 Following the above steps have help improve the legitimacy of you website which in turn will improve your conversion rate.

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