How do I Get an Amazon Key & Secret Key for the Amazon API?

IMPORTANT - If you are a Fresh Cloud member then you don't need your own Amazon API keys. You can use our built-in keys until you have built up some sales and can then apply for your own later.

The API keys are already built into your Fresh Cloud account and apply to all your Fresh Store stores automatically.

How to get your own Amazon API Keys

Amazon API keys are used to query the Amazon API - this is required to ensure that the prices on your store are kept up to date.

Before you can apply for keys, you will need an Amazon Affiliate account - see the following guide on Creating Your Amazon Associates Account.

Once you have your affiliate account, you can enter your affiliate tag into your Fresh Store.

Initially, you can use the Amazon API keys that are included with Fresh Store however once you have had sales against your Affiliate account, it is recommended that you apply for your own API keys - this will help you build up a reputation on your account.

To apply for your onset of API keys, sign in to your Amazon Affiliate account, and click Tools - Product Advertising API

On the next screen, click the "contact us" link to contact Amazon.

Fill in the contact form, and in the comments, paste the following:



I would like to use the Product Advertising API to automatically update the products and prices on my website, instead of having to do it manually.

For SEO and compatibility benefits, we do not want to use Javascript widgets and our business model requires API access.

Please can I apply to have the Product Advertising API enabled in my account so that we can generate further sales for Amazon and continue to grow our project?

Kind Regards,


You should then receive an email within the next few days stating if your application has been successful or not.

IMPORTANT - Amazon may not approve your API keys right away, especially if you haven't made any sales, but if you are a Fresh Cloud member you can use our built-in keys.

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