Flexi Store Template - Changing the Homepage Banners

You can select from (4) options when configuring the Flexi Store template Homepage Banner Area:

  1. 2 Banners (either html or images)
  2. 1 Large Banner (either html or image)
  3. Product Slideshow (choose products to display)
  4. Hide Banner Area

To set these options, you will need to go to DESIGN-> TEMPLATE OPTIONS -> HOMEPAGE BANNER AREA

When you edit this option, you will see a drop down menu allowing you to select how you would like this area to display.

2 Banners (default option)

Flexi Store template will default to displaying 2 banners on the homepage, which looks like this:

You can have either html-based banners or image banners, or even one of each.

1 Large Banner

Choosing the 1 Large Banner option will display single large banner, either html-based or an image, that looks like this:

Product Slideshow

Choosing the Product Slideshow option will implement a slider with products that you have selected in your template options:

Hide Banner Area

You may also choose to hide the banner area completely, which will look like this:

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