Conversion Pro Template - Installing & Loading Example Data

This quick guide will go over how to install the new Conversion theme and Load the Example Demo to quickly start editing it with your own product.

You need to upload the file fsbp-conversion-pro_v*.*.*.zip to your /templates/ directory. You will find this folder the same place you uploaded the FSB script when you installed it. This guide I will be using CPANELs FILE MAGE to upload and extract the file. If you are using the FTP method, then you must extract the fsbp-conversion-pro_v*.*.*.zip folder to your computer and upload the folder to the /templates/ directory.

1. Login to CPANEL and click on File Manger

2. You will need to find the directory where you installed the fresh store builder store. Always make sure you are in the right directory. If you are using ADDON DOMAINS then each domain will have their own folder. Once you find the directory, click to go in the /Templates/ folder.

3. Once you are in the /templates/ directory, click the UPLOAD icon. I have the file already uploaded and once you upload the file, it will appear like in the image below.

4. Right click on the file you just uploaded and click on Extract and confirm that you see the folder in the /templates/ directory. It should be fsbp-conversion-pro.

5. Now you need to login to your Freshadmin Control panel and click on Design–Templates. If the template is still not visible there, go to: TOOLS---->REFRESH TEMPLATES and click on the FORCE REFRESH ALL TEMPLATES. Then the template will show up. 

6. You will see the new theme you uploaded, just click on the ENABLE TEMPLATE

7. Now I recommend you load the example data to get right into the action. It will pre-load one of the demo examples we did and then you can quickly edit each widget to replace it with your products information. Click on Load Example Data

8. Click on the Reset Default Data Template link, after that you will get a text saying that it has been loaded, I'm not going to click it or it will reset the current work I did to the theme.

9. Once the Example Data has been loaded, click on DESIGN– HOMEPAGE LAYOUT. This is where you will find all the widgets that are current enable and you can quickly edit/add/delete new widgets. Please see our other guide which explains each Conversion Pro Theme Widgets

10. This is how your demo store will look when you load the example data.

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