How to add a blog to a Fresh Store Builder Website

This quick guide is going to go over using the 1click install option for WordPress that 99% of hosting providers today offer. If you are using a hosting provider that does not have the 1click install option then you should know how to install WordPress for your main domain. The only difference to installing it on a FSB store is that you will upload all the WP files in a sub-folder. For example, if you name the folder “blog” and upload all the WordPress files into that folder, then when you visit it will start the install process for WP.

We will be using CPANEL for this guide. The most important thing to find is the “Software” section in your hosting control panel. cPanel also have a search function and if you type in “wordpress” the 1click install should come up as shown below.

Once you click on the WordPress Install option. You will need to fill in some info about your new blog. MOST IMPORTANT THING – MAKE SURE TO SET A DIRECTORY FOR YOUR WP INSTALL – THIS COULD BE ANYTHING YOU WANT. We are using “blog” as the directory folder for this new install. You don’t want to upload the WP files to your root because you have Fresh Store Builder installed there. Select a user/pass for your blog and then click on the Install to complete the blog setup.

Once you have clicked the Install button, it will take you to a confirmation page and it will give you the login url for your blog. Which should be and when you want to send users to your blog the url would be

Now you would need to login to your WordPress blog and finish choosing your WordPress theme and setting up your WordPress blogs posts/pages.

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