What is a Niche?

This guide is a quick overview of what a niche is and how it relates to your Amazon Store.

What exactly is a niche?

When we talk about niches with regards to websites and internet marketing, it seems to take on a slightly different meaning.

We say niche to describe the general topic your website is working within, and typically it is used to describe a small area that does not have much competition. A website focused on dog treadmills would be in a niche (providing it does not have a lot of competition) due to the relatively small target audience.

Here are some other niche examples:

  • Beer Brewing Equipment
  • Model Rockets
  • Organic Makeup
  • Ice Skating
  • Handmade Furniture

There are new niches being created all the time due to new product ideas, new trends and new needs. Follow through the rest of our niche guides and learn how to find your own niche.

Why should I create a Fresh Store in a niche?

A Fresh Store in a niche will get results faster. You will have less competition and you can focus your content to solve problems, answer questions and engage your visitors.

You will be able to get visitors quickly from search engines and social pages. When you start to get success, you can expand to related niches by growing your store or creating new related stores.

Should I always create a Fresh Store in a niche?

If you want to add a Fresh Store to an existing website with traffic, then you don't need to choose a niche. Follow the same topic as your main website and choose products that are related to it.

Our training guides are created to take you step-by-step, but you may also have your own ideas for using Fresh Stores. If you do, then go for it!

Do you have a list of niches?

Yes, we have over 600 ready-made Instant Stores that you can choose from. They are all in different niches that we have researched.

Please search these guides for more information on how to use an Instant Store.

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