Keyword Research in Your Niche

Checking SEO Potential

The next step in choosing a good niche is researching the keywords. Here we take a look at how we can do this and what benefit it has.

So you should have a rough list of niches…

Once you have some ideas for niches (e.g. “Tool Boxes” or “Dog Treadmills”) you should now compile a list of keywords.

Keywords are what people are searching for and are what you will be building your site pages around. For example, if you found that people are searching for “Pink Dog Treadmills” then add it to your list of keywords – it could become a category in your new store.

Finding Keywords and Checking Traffic

I use a tool like Market Samurai to check keywords (you can also use the Google Keyword Tool for free, though it takes a bit longer). In Market Samurai you can enter your main keyword (e.g. Tool Boxes) and see stats for all the related keywords. I won’t go into much detail here but just make sure your niche has traffic potential (for SEO or PPC).
 If you are using Google Keyword Tool, enter a keyword in and it will show you related keywords. It is best to use “Exact” matching as that tells you exactly how much traffic that keyword gets.

Will they buy?

Now try and figure out the “buying potential” of these keywords. This is done by judgement, or if you want to be thorough you can test using a PPC campaign. For example, someone searching for “Tom Yum Soup Recipe” is very unlikely to buy anything, whereas someone searching for “Thai Recipe Book” is likely to.

You don’t need to go looking for keywords with super amounts of traffic – remember you can target multiple keywords with different categories in your site.

Get a list of keywords for each of the niches you found and move on to the next guide.

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