Adding Products – Fresh Store Builder Video Training

Learn how to add products to your store using the different methods; “Search for Amazon Products”, “Add Amazon Products by ASIN” and Autopopulate. Two new options are Create Product Bundles and Search for eBay Products.

When you go to: Products--Add Products and select Search for Amazon Products, you have the option to search for products by search term or browse node. It's important that you choose the correct Search Index so that you get product results. 

Another way to add products is by ASIN. Go to Products--Add Products and select Add Amazon Products by ASIN. Adding products by ASIN is our preferred way to add products. This means that you are adding specific products and can easily add only the products with high ratings and ranking. 

The last way to add products is to autopopulate your categories. You can autopopulate by search term or browse node. The better option would be to use the Amazon browse node which you will find by going to Amazon's Best Sellers, or To autopopulate your categories you need to go to: Products--View Product Categories. Next to the categories are various icons. The autopopulate icon is the lightning bolt. 

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