How do I Add Amazon Products to My Fresh Store?

With Fresh Store, you can add products easily using any of the methods below. 

  • Auto-Populating- You can set up keyword or browse node populate settings and it will automatically add products to that category.
  • Add By ASIN - You can add multiple ASINs at once to your store. You can also choose to drip-feed the products into your store instead of adding them right away.
  • Search Tool - We have a simple search tool that will let you search by keyword or browse node. From the search results, you can quickly pick the products you want and what category to add them to.

Any item you add to your store will automatically be updated with the new prices from Amazon, descriptions, images, stock status, delivery status, product reviews, etc.

Searching for Amazon Products

Using the “Find Products” menu option in your admin area allows you to browse products from Amazon and select the ones you want. First, enter either a Browse Node (see above) or a search term. The Search Index allows you to narrow your results to an Amazon “category” (a general product type, for example, “Sporting Goods”).

Note: the correct Search Index is required when using a Browse Node. Use the websites above ( or to find the right Search Index or simply pick the right one for your product type.

You will then be presented with roughly the first 10 products matching the search term or in the Browse Node, you entered. Clicking the green “plus” icon next to the product will add it to your website. Selecting a category at the top of the page will mean any products added will be entered into that category.

When a product already exists on the site, you will be shown a “faded green tick icon” instead of the plus. Clicking on the small Amazon icon will show you the Amazon page for that product, allowing you to see more information before you add it to your site.

To see more products, simply click the “Next Page” button underneath the products. If you don’t see any more products after clicking “Next Page” there are no more matching your Search Term or Browse Node.

Note: new products are added regularly, so keep checking back if you use this method in order to stock the latest products.

When you go to Products >> Add Products and select Search for Amazon Products, you have the option to search for products by search term or browse node. It's important that you choose the correct Search Index so that you get product results. 

Adding Amazon Products by ASIN

Choosing the “Add product (By ASIN)” option in your control panel allows you to add products using the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). You can find the ASIN on any Amazon product page or in the URL. An example ASIN would be B000AUJFHE from the link

Once you have added a product this way you will be taken to the “Edit Product” page so you can manually change the content and choose a category.

This method is useful for adding specific products or one-offs, although take a look at the other two methods if you want to add a few products at a time.

Go to Products--Add Products and select Add Amazon Products by ASIN. Adding products by ASIN is our preferred way to add products. This means that you are adding specific products and can easily add only the products with high ratings and ranking. 

Adding Amazon Products Automatically

The third way to populate your store is automatic. While this is obviously easier and quicker than other methods, be sure to check your categories regularly for products that are not relevant.

From the “View Categories” page in your control panel, each category has a series of icons to the right. Click the “lightning icon” to view/edit the “Auto Populate” details for that category. A category will also have a short description and link to Amazon in the “Auto Populating?” column when this is set.

On the “Populate Category” page, you can choose to populate using a Browse Node or a search term. For both options you can also set “Required Keywords” and “Filtered Keywords” in order to further narrow down the products that are added to the site. Entering “Required Keywords” means the product title must contain all the words you have entered. Entering “Filtered Keywords” means the product title must not contain any of the words you have entered.

For example, if you wanted to add only mens bicycles you could enter “ladies,junior,womens” into the filtered keywords box and this would prevent products such as “Ladies Racing Bike” and “Junior BMX Bike” from being added.

Another example, you wanted to make sure the bikes were only green mountain bikes you could add “green,mountain” into the required keywords box. This would mean only products like “Green Professional Mountain Bike” would be added but not “Green BMX Bike” or “Blue Mountain Bike”.

Once you have set the auto populate options your category will be populated with all the products gradually over time. The auto populate will keep cycling through the products indefinitely, until you cancel via the “Populate Category” page. Canceling the auto population will not remove any products.

The last way to add products is to autopopulate your categories. You can autopopulate by search term or browse node. The better option would be to use the Amazon browse node which you will find by going to Amazon's Best Sellers, or To autopopulate your categories you need to go to: Products--View Product Categories. Next to the categories are various icons. The autopopulate icon is the lightning bolt. 

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