Going Over the 90 Day & 24 Hour Amazon Cookies Feature

This article will go over the 2 different Amazon Cookies set by Fresh Store Instant ( Fresh Store Builder)

Our amazon store builder gives you both options. You have the 90 Day Cookie Feature and the 24 Hour Cookie option.

90 Day Cookie = This works when you are using the "Shopping Cart Feature" on your amazon affiliate store.  The way this works, when a customer adds items from your store into the cart and checkouts to amazon. They will be asked to confirm the items added to the cart and it will be added to their Amazon Cart. If they don't purchase those items right away, it gets saved for the "Saved Shopping Cart".

You can Enable/Disable the Shopping Cart from Freshadmin - Tools - Change Parameters - Cart & Checkout Tab

24 Hour Cookie = When you enable "Buy At Amazon" buttons. This locks in a 24 hour cookie anytime someone clicks any of your "buy at amazon" buttons on your product pages.

You can Enable/Disable the Shopping Cart from Freshadmin - Tools - Change Parameters - Products Tab

Amazon Cookie Options -  In my opinion and testing, I find disabling the cart I get better conversions. I think most people when they save products to shop for later on amazon, they don't usually come back to their saved cart on amazon. They will just go directly to amazon and add the product to the cart again and you will lose your sale.  

When a customer checkouts from your store using the cart feature and confirms the items on amazon, if they don;t buy them right away, it stores the items under their "Saved Shopping Cart" on amazon, but if they don't go to that saved shopping cart to check those products out, you will not get the sale. 

When you use the "Buy At Amazon" buttons, when a customer clicks any buy button from your product page, it will take them to amazon for that product page and lock in a 24hour cookie. If they decide not to purchase that item they clicked from your website but they purchase something else in those 24hours then you will get the credit for the sale. I find I sell a lot of stuff not even in my store using the "buy at amazon" buttons only.

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