What are Amazon Cookies? Are they 90 days or 24 hours?

What are Amazon Cookies?

To track your sales, Amazon will set a cookie with your visitor. When they click a link from your store or website and arrive on Amazon, the cookie is created and set.

The visitor must purchase before the cookie expires for you to get credit for that sale.

So the big question is.. how long does that cookie last?

How long are the Amazon Cookies?

The cookie can either be 24 hours or 90 days, depending on how your Fresh Store is setup.

On Fresh Store, if you have the shopping cart enabled, then the cookies are 90 days. If you have the "Buy at Amazon" links enabled, it's 24 hours.

Once the visitor is on Amazon, you will also get credit for other purchases they make, providing they do it before the cookie expires.

Should I use the shopping cart or buy links? Or both?

This depends on your niche and it is a good idea for you to test it once you are making sales.

With the shopping cart, you have the benefit of a longer cookie but your visitors might click away before clicking to Amazon. This means your conversion rates might be lower.

With a direct "Buy from Amazon" link you will likely get more clicks to Amazon and therefore a higher chance of a sale. But your total sales might be lower due to the cookie time being 24 hours. You also might miss out on a customer buying multiple items, like they do with a shopping cart.

The key is to test it and find out what works best for your store.

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