How do I add videos to my Fresh Store?

STEP 1: Go to YouTube and choose the video you want. You will click on the Share option and then select the Embed. This will give you a code that you will copy and embed to your FSB/FSI store.

STEP 2: You will then login to your FSI store and choose a content page where you want the video to show. I chose to put the video on the homepage but you can add it on any content page including categories, Best Sellers page or Special Offers. I went to Content–>View Pages–>Home Page. There you you can add the video on the top/primary or bottom/secondary content. You will see a few different icons that you can select. You will go to Tools-->Source Code

STEP 3: When you click on the Source Code tab, a new window will pop up. This is where you will add your YouTube or any other HTML code and click on the OK.

STEP 4: The video will now show up on your screen. Now you can go to the bottom of the page and click on SAVE ALL. This will save your changes. If you do not press SAVE ALL, your HTML code will not be saved.

STEP 5: Go to your Homepage or the content page where you placed your HTML code or video to see it.

If you still do not see the video on the content page you placed it on, go to:
Tools-->Delete Cache–>Click to Delete All Cache Now. Then go to your content page to see the HTML code image, ad or video.

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