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Is this WordPress? Does Fresh Booster replace FSI?

Fresh Store Instant is a standalone website that comes with everything you need to build amazon affiliate websites. It does not work inside of WordPress, it works side by side it

The Fresh Booster Plugin will let you embed products from your store into your blog post/pages and widgets. (This guide goes over what the Fresh Booster Plugin does).

You don’t need the Fresh Booster Plugin to make the WordPress/FSI combination work but it does help. Without the plugin you can still manually add links from the blog to FSI and back to the blog using content, banners or just navigation links.

Can I use my WordPress themes with FSI?

No, WordPress themes do not work with Fresh Store Instant, however we do have themes available inside your account.

Do prices and products update automatically and how can I add products to my store?

With Fresh Store Instant you can add products easily using any of the methods below.

  • Auto-Populating – You can setup keyword or browse node populate settings and it will
     automatically add products to that category.
  • Add By ASIN – You can add multiple ASINs at once to your store. You can also choose to drip-feed the
     products into your store instead of adding them right away.
  • Search Tool – We have a simple search tool that will let you search by keyword or browse node.
     From the search results you can quickly pick the products you want and what category to add them to.

Please see the guides at for full information
 on how FSI works and adding products to your store.

Can we use other affiliate programs with FSI?

You can advertise with other affiliate programs and put your own custom links throughout your store.

Please note that FSI is connected to the Amazon API and can only sync from Amazon. The shopping cart is connected with the Amazon API.

Once a product has been imported from Amazon, you can use custom URL’s to point to a different affiliate site, i.e. eBay, however the prices would not automatically update.

You can also insert html (and therefore banners, links, images etc.) to any category, content or product page on your store. You can also create a sidebox to insert a banner or html code on the sidebar.

Do I need a domain and hosting?

Fresh Store Instant does not require hosting and you can build your store on our subdomains for free. You can also register a new domain name with us or use your existing domain name.

Can I use Fresh Store Instant for my Amazon Locale?

Fresh Store Instant currently supports all of the Amazon locales below. If you have a valid Amazon affiliate account on any of those websites then you can setup your FSI store for that locale.

Can I add AdSense to my store?

You can easily add AdSense to your store but you need to make sure you comply with Adsense Terms of Use or you could have issues with AdSense removing ads from your website. Mainly, you need to add lots of unique content so you are not seen as a “Thin Affiliate” site.

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