How can I add SSL (i.e. https) to my store?

This guide will show you how to convert your store to HTTPS if you have installed the store without a SSL setup on your domain before installing FSB. If your domain had a SSL setup before installing the script then you will not need to do this. Your domain should already be working on https://. This is only for people who have purchased a SSL after they have installed their store. You must have a valid SSL setup before doing these steps. Please check with your hosting provider to make sure you have the SSL setup on your domain or it will break your store changing it to HTTPS without a valid SSL setup. 

Step 1. Login to your Freshadmin Control panel, click on Settings and then Your Store Settings.

Step 2.  On the Parameters page, click the “Store Settings” tab and find the “Site URL” setting. You will need to change the HTTP to HTTPS and click save. It’s very important to make sure the / at the end of your domain stays there or you will break your store.

Step 3. Once you have set your site url to HTTPS, you will need to run the “Migrate to HTTPS” feature to convert all the links to HTTPS. Click on Tools – Migrate to SSL

Step 4-  Make sure to Click on “Update Database References” under “Changing to use SSL” to convert your store to HTTPS. Once you have completed this feature, delete your store cache and you should be good to go.

If you need to set your store back to HTTP from HTTPS, then you would do the same exact steps. Change the Site URL from https to http. Then run the “Migrate to https://” feature and click on the “Update Database References” under “Resetting Your Store”

 Common Issues:

If you have completed all the steps above but you are still getting warnings about your store not being secure then you need to check the following,

Make sure any html code you added to your website includes the HTTPS url. For example, if you uploaded a image to use on your homepage and you inserted it using HTML and you put <img src=””> then that page will be showing the warning for not being secure. You need to check any links you added to make sure they are set to HTTPS.

If you created any HTML sideboxes or custom pages, please make sure to go and check that you set the url to HTTPS:// and not HTTP://.

Make sure any adveritsments that you are adding into your store have the secure https code or your website will be showing a not secure warning message.

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