Part 07 - Setting up your Amazon Account

Before you can start using Fresh Store, and earning commission from Amazon, you will need an Amazon affiliate account.

In order to apply for an Amazon Affiliate account you will need a website that you can use with your submission to Amazon. This can be a simple blog website. If you do not have a site, please watch our video on how to create a site to use when applying for an Amazon Affiliate account.

Once you have a website, go to the Amazon Affiliate website for your local, e.g. and click join now/sign up.

You must then sign in with your normal Amazon account.

Once you have signed in, follow the steps to create your account.

The first page asks who payments should be make to – ensure these details are correct and click next.

On the next page, enter the URL of your website, click Add

You must then tick the box to say you confirm that your site is nor aimed at children under 13, then click next.

The next page contains details about your site.

First of all, you can choose your preferred affiliate tag- this is the tag you will use in URL’s to earn commission, so choose something relevant to your store, for example my store was selling Board Games, so i entered boardgames in the preferred tag.

You must then fill in the other boxes, giving details of what your website is about, choosing a primary and secondary topic your website falls under, and selecting the relevant tick boxes to show what kind of items you will be listing.

You must also select a type – i selected content and niche as my store has a blog attached to it.

There are a few more questions about your site – i will not go into too much detail about these as they are fairly self explanatory. Once you have filled in this page, click Next.

You must then read Amazons terms and conditions and tick the box to say that you agree to them, then click Finish.

On the next page you will be given your associates ID, this is a variation of the preferred tag you specified before and you will need to enter this into your store.

What to do if your Amazon Associates application is rejected?

Don't panic! It's easy to solve :)

Sometimes, when applying for an amazon affiliate account your application will get rejected. This is usually due to lack of content, if this happens to you, don’t panic. You can re-apply, however instead of specifying your Fresh Store, we are going to create a WordPress site and use this in our application.

If you are planning on having a blog on your site with lots of content, you could use this for your application, however an alternative is to create an account at

Just perform the following steps:

1) Head over to and click “Create Website”.

2) Enter the name of your blog. This will be the URL of your site. I have selected TabletopBoardGames.WordPress.Com

3) Enter your email address, username and the password you wish to use. Then click “next. step”.

4) This screen gives you the option if purchasing a domain name, instead of using, but as we are only creating this site to obtain an Amazon affiliate account, we will just scroll to the bottom and click “No Thanks”.

5) Select a theme. I have chosen Hexa for mine as it matches the look I was after, however you can choose whichever one you want.

6) Select the plan you want. We will choose beginner as this is a free account. You will now be directed to the WordPress admin section.

7) You will see the Hello World blog post on the right – this is a sample post which we can delete, so click Trash.

8) You are now ready to start adding content to your blog site. As we want to complete this as quick as possible, we aren’t going to write content, we are going to use ArticleCity.Com.

9) Click the blue “Start your first post” button near the top of your screen. This will take you to the “new post” page.

10) Let’s get an article to use. Go to and type a keyword or two that match your site followed by – this will tell google to only search the article city website. We are doing it this way as the Article City website’s search feature can be hit and miss.Once your results come up, select one of the articles by clicking it. This will take you to the Article on the website.

11) Copy the article to your clipboard (you must copy the article in it’s entirety including any links to the authors website).

12) Go back to your WordPress site. In the top box, type a title you will give to your article, then paste the content of the article into the large box. You can add a featured image if you like (using the button on the right hand side) then click the Publish to MySite button at the bottom of the screen.

We have now published our first blog, but before you submit this to Amazon you should publish a few more.

When you have posted a few blog entries, you can now re-apply to join the Amazon affiliate program. Follow the steps that you previously followed however enter your WordPress URL instead of your Fresh Store.

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