How to Use Spin Rewriter to Create Content for your Fresh Store

Find out how to use the excellent Spin Rewriter to create unique content automatically.

What is Spin Rewriter?

Spin Rewriter is a content spinning tool and service. Content spinning is the process of making a piece of content unique, automatically. Spin Rewriter is fully integrated into Fresh Store Builder, meaning all the product descriptions from Amazon can be made unique automatically.

Good, unique content is the key to good search engine rankings. Google (and other major search engines) detect when you are using the same content as other websites. In Fresh Store Builder the content from the products is taken from Amazon and is therefore duplicate. This in itself will not cause a penalty to your site, but you will be limited in the rankings you can get for the product pages until you get some unique content.

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Does Spin Rewriter Work?

Spin Rewriter solves the duplicate content problem and increases search engine rankings to your product pages. However, we also recommend adding some custom-created content to your site. We suggest a minimum of unique homepage content (200+ words), 2 article pages (300+ words) and two category pages (200+ words).

It is time-consuming to write unique content for each individual product in your store, so Spin Rewriter is a good solution to creating a unique and well-performing store.

How does Fresh Store Builder use Spin Rewriter?

Fresh Store Builder is integrated with Spin Rewriter, which means your store will automatically access the Spin Rewriter service to spin your content. The result is that your products get unique content automatically without you needing to do anything.

When Spin Rewriter is set up on your store, you can also create Content Templates automatically.

What are Content Templates?

Fresh Store Builder has a built-in feature called “Content Templates”. This works with or without Spin Rewriter and is another way to create unique, generic content for your products. A content template is a chunk of text which can be “spun” to create several unique templates. The content template is written in a special way, an example of which is:

{A|The} {cat|rat|mouse|tiger|silverback gorilla} {sat|slept|stood} on the {mat|floor|table|bed}.

This content template can produce 120 unique sentences, a few of which are:

  • A rat stood on the bed.
  • A tiger slept on the mat.
  • The mouse stood on the bed.
  • A silverback gorilla sat on the floor.
  • The tiger sat on the bed.
  • The cat sat on the mat.
  • A cat sat on the table.

As you can see, this is a very powerful way to generate unique content for your products with or without Spin Rewriter. However, using Spin Rewriter you can automatically create a template from a normal piece of content.

How To Use Spin Rewriter in your Store

The first thing to do is open your Spin Rewriter account. Fresh Store Builder users get a discount by using this link: Get Spin Rewriter. Once you have signed up you just need your username and password.

Once you have signed up, go to your store dashboard and select “Setup Spin Rewriter” from the “Spinning” menu. Enter your Spin Rewriter email and API key (from your Spin Rewriter account), then set the options described below (in order):

  • Auto Spin Amazon Descriptions – Setting this to yes will automatically spin all your product descriptions to make them unique. This will apply to existing products and any new products you add.
  • Email – The email that you entered when signing up to Spin Rewriter.
  • API Key – A random string of text found in your Spin Rewriter account
  • Confidence Level – Choosing “Low” will create a lot of synonyms with less accuracy. Choosing “High” will create more readable text but it will be less unique.
  • Use Nested Syntax – Nested syntax will produce more complex and unique spintax
  • Spin entire sentences – Allows replacing an entire sentence or phrase, instead of just individual words.
  • Spin entire paragraphs – This is the same as above except for paragraphs.
  • Auto write paragraphs – This will create additional content where possible as well as spinning.
  • Allow changing structure – This will allow rewriting the order of a sentence and/or phrase
  • Use Synonyms Only – This will prevent the original word from being used when it has synonyms
  • Auto-Protect Capitalized Words – Capitalized words will never be spun. This is useful for things like peoples names and city names.

Once you have entered the information above your account is set up. You will see a message to say if your email and password are correct or not. This message will show every time you visit the setup page to say if your account is still valid.

If the “Auto Spin Amazon Descriptions” option is set to yes, your product descriptions will now begin spinning.

Another good feature of Spin Rewriter in Fresh Store Builder is the ability to create content templates. When adding or editing a content template, you get the option next to each field to “Create with Spin Rewriter”. This will automatically create a template (like the example above) from a normal piece of content. You can then edit the template to make sure it is perfect before saving it.

You can also use the “preview” button to see what content can be generated from the template.

Important Information

Please note that if you have edited a product at all it will not be changed by Spin Rewriter – you will not lose any changes you have made to the products.

Product descriptions will not be updated immediately – they are updated when the product is updated from Amazon. This can take up to 24 hours depending on when the product was last updated and how many products are in your store.

Find out More

You can find more information about Spin Rewriter on the official website and in your Spin Rewriter account area when you become a member.

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