03 - Choosing a Domain Name

In this guide we look at how to choose a good domain name for your niche.

Domain TLDs (Top Level Domains)

A TLD is the “extension” of a domain name (e.g. .com or .co.uk). We recommend using the well known extensions such as .com, .org and .net as well as the extensions relevant to your company (such as .co.uk for the UK or .fr for France)

For US stores, .com is most preferable and recommended by us although you may have your own ideas on this.

Keywords in Domains

It is preferable to get your exact keyword in the domain name, without any other words or characters (e.g. hyphens). For the keyword “dog treadmills”, the perfect domain would be www.dogtreadmills.com or www.dogtreadmills.co.uk

Other Domains

If you can’t find the the exact keyword domain, don’t worry. You can still rank with domain names like www.dogtreadmillshop.com (although it will take a bit more work).

Here are some ideas:


It Doesn’t Have To Be Keyword Friendly!

It is preferable to have keywords in your domain name but its not necessary. If you would prefer to build a store around a nice domain then you will get benefits in other areas (e.g. customers may trust www.fitdogs.com more than www.buy-dog-treadmills.com).

Once you have a good idea about a domain name to use, take a look at our next guide – Checking SEO Potential.

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