Choosing a Domain Name

In this guide, we look at how to choose a good domain name for your niche.

How important is your domain name?

In the past, domain names were considered important and could give an advantage in Google rankings for organic search traffic.

Today it is different. Over the years, domainers have bought up all of the keyword-rich domains and they are left unused. Google no longer gives any advantage to your store for keywords in the domain name and hasn't done for a few years.

The best strategy for picking a domain name is to choose one that matches your niche and is brandable for your logo.

What is a TLD?

TLD stands for Top Level Domain and is the part that comes after the name you chose. Some TLDs include:

  • .com
  • .ca
  • .club
  • .info
  • .store

Some TLDs are intended to be country-specific, such as .ca for Canada or for the UK.

Some TLDs have been abused over the years due to being cheap and carry a negative reputation. These include .biz and .info.

There are many TLDs and new ones being added all the time. We encourage you to get creative and use some of the new ones to stand out.

Using Vanity Domain Names

In Fresh Cloud, you have free access to our vanity domain names. You can create your store on a subdomain such as:

This will save you time and money in the early stages, and in the future, you can easily move your store to your own custom domain in a few clicks.

Examples of Good Domain Names

A good domain name is clear, short and brandable. 

Brandable means the name is unique and looks good in a logo.

Some examples of good domain names that we have used for Fresh Stores:


Examples of Bad Domain Names

A poorly chosen domain can look awkward at best, or unsafe at worst.

Avoid using long domain names, hyphens, misspellings and keyword-stuffed domains.

Some TLDs (Top Level Domains) can hold a bad reputation, such as .biz or .info, due to being abused over the years.

Avoid using trademarks in your domains as they can be taken away from you easily.

Some bad examples include:

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