I can’t access the server via FTP, Email, cPanel or Website… it will not load or my password is rejected

Simple answer is, you’ve hit the firewall and are currently blocked by the server.

When you attempt to login 10 times without success your IP address is banned by our firewall for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you can try again. If after 10 consecutive blocks you continue to try you will be permanently blocked, at which point the only way to unblock you is by contacting our support team and providing us with your IP address.

We’ve slowly made configuration changes and adjustments to the firewall in order to avoid frustration to our customers without sacrificing the security and integrity of our system, as such we list bellow some common situations which lead to you being blocked by the firewall.

  • You moved to our webhosting and pointed your domain name to us but forgot to update your FTP client with the new login information from the new server. Your FTP software tries to login and fails but continues to retry more than 10 times. At this point the firewall will block your IP temporarily for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you will be able to attempt login.
  • You have changed your email address password but forgot to update your Email client with the new assigned password to your account. As such your email will continue to retry until you update your password and after 10 attempts your IP address will be temporarily blocked. After 5 minutes you will be able to retry using a correct password.
  • You have opened many tabs to your website at the same time (perhaps testing load speeds) and you execute too many requests from the same IP address at the same time, you may get permanently blocked by the firewall as this could be interpreted as an attack to our server. This limit applies to requests coming from the same IP address, your website visitors will not be affected.

In any case, if you do get temporarily blocked by the firewall here are a few important notes to remember:

  • Your websites and services are online and everyone else in the world is able to access. This temporary block only applies to your IP address.
  • The temporary block will only last 5 minutes, after which point you will be able to test things again.
  • When you are blocked by the firewall you will be denied access to that particular protocol (FTP, Email, Web, etc) but may be blocked by all other protocols depending on the offending actions taken that caused the block. If the block was temporary you will regain access after 5 minutes, if it was permanent you will need to contact our support team to get unblocked or change your IP address by restarting your router (if your ISP dynamically assigns IP addresses).

If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by opening a support ticket.

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