How do I get traffic to my fresh stores?

This is one of the most asked questions we get on our live chat and emails when it comes to their Fresh Stores or WordPress blogs. (THIS GUIDE WILL BE UPDATED OVERTIME TO INCLUDE NEW INFORMATION, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK BACK IN)

There are many different methods when it comes to traffic and ranking in search engines.  When it comes to my Amazon affiliate stores, I try to stay away from buying traffic or clicks. 

Amazons commissions are not the highest and you could waste a lot of money on clicks if you don't have experience with buying traffic and targeting the correct keywords.

I focus on getting organic traffic from search engines and traffic from social media websites. See My FSI Store Earned $5k 2017 - Commissions Stats from Amazon, eBay and Paypal Article Here

Below I will list some stuff I do for my brand new Fresh Store websites.


This is one of the easiest way to get some quick backlinks for your brand new or existing website. This will work for Fresh Stores or your wordpress blogs.

Using some free tools you can easily setup your Fresh Store RSS feed to post your products to your social media accounts. 

TIP: Don't just post your FSI products on your social media accounts. Make sure to also post funny memes, videos, or pictures that relate to your niche to mix in. You can also take screenshots of any new content page you post and tweet it as a image and link to that article.

The first step is to create your social media accounts. I have created a guide for the 3 main social media platforms. I will update this page in the future with more links to different guides

Guide on Setting up Facebook Fan Page

Guide on Setting up Google +  Page

Guide on Setting up Twitter Page

Guide on Setting up Pinterest App

If you have your Social Media Accounts setup, read the guide below.

How to Submit RSS Feed to Social Media Guide

Buying Facebook Page Likes - Carey has been testing this with his case study stores and is doing very well with it. Basically, you buy cheap likes for your FB pages for people that are into your niche.  Then on your FB Page you share your FS products and content for traffic, rankings and hopefully some amazing sales! 

I will work on adding more info on Carey's testing in another article and link to it here.


When it comes to my affiliate stores, 80% of my traffic comes from free search engine traffic. The only way to get constant long term search engine rankings is to make sure to add unique articles to your website. It's also important to have some kind of keyword list that you want to include in your articles, so you can track rankings.

I myself hate writing content. To me, it's so boring and I know most of you will agree. There are many websites like that provide cheap content. It does require you taking the time to go over the content and deny anything that doesn't read well.  

You can also check Craigslist to find locale students who want some extra cash for writing you some quick articles for whatever your niche is about. When it comes to article topics, there is no bad topic as long as it's unique to your website.

What I like to do is find writers and train them how to add articles to my Fresh Stores. You might have to pay them a bit extra for their time but it will save you tons of time and money in the long run, if you hate doing that kind of stuff.

TIP:  It's very important that your store isn't 90% affiliate links and no unique articles. You risk getting a penalty if you just add affiliate products and don't add any articles. 

I have a website that has been making steady money since 2016 and its all organic search engine traffic from my articles and keyword optimization. Click here to see the article on that website.

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