How to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for an SSL Certificate

Please follow these simple steps to create a new Certificate Signing Request for your domain name.

  1. Login to the cpanel of your hosting account. This can be achieved by visiting where is your account’s registered domain name.
  2. While logged in to cpanel, please find the opcion called “SSL/TSL Manager” and click on it.
  3. In this section you will be presented with 4 distinctive options. The one we are after is the one called “Certificate Signing Requests (CSR)”. Click on this option.
  4. Fill out all the required form fields. If you are just registering your main domain name (non wildcard) be sure to prefix your domain name with “www.” otherwise your SSL will only work without www. If your SSL is for a wildcard domain, please use “*.” as a prefix to your domain name.
  5. Once you have filled the form entirely please click on “Generate” and your CSR will be displayed on the next screen.
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