How do I refresh my template and template options?

This is a good trick if you are not seeing changes to your store after doing a translation text edit or changing any of the default text. Remember,  you also need to delete the store cache anytime you don't see the updates. 

1. Log in to your store and click on Tools >> Refresh Templates (This Feature won't delete your work; products or categories, this just refreshes the template).

2. You have the option to Force Refresh This Template or All Templates. The Refresh All will refresh every single one of the templates that you have in your store. If you are a Premium FSI member and do not see all the templates available in Design >> Templates, then click the "Force Refresh All Templates". If you are a FSB member and just added new templates to the store through your cPanel, click on this option as well. 

3. Once the above is complete, click on Tools >> Delete Cache and it should refresh your store so that you see the new template. 

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