Amazon API Key Issues - Throttling, Limits and What You Can Do

Amazon made changes to the API and API keys on 28th January 2019. This video explains what to do if you have no keys, how we are making things easier, how to optimize your store, and more:

Video Notes

  • API requests are now linked to sales.
  • Amazon TOS clarification on prices. See - Content can be cached for 24 hours. Fresh Store system keeps this up to date, even with throttling
  • Efficiency guidelines -
  • Setup your keys properly. Create them inside your Amazon Associates account.
  • Use the latest version of Fresh Store!
  • FSI Members get access to a set of API keys to get started with. We are swapping them around and building them up. The goal is to get you started, then you can use your own keys.
  • FSI also has ready made stores so the products are already added for you
  • Premium members might get access if enough demand. Takes some development. We need to protect the keys from being shared.
  • We are improving those keys that we share with more sales and more API requests
  • What you can do - remove old stores, old plugins etc. that are using your keys. If you are not sure, re-generate your keys to be safe and use those.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of Fresh Store. Use "buy at amazon" links and not remote shopping cart
  • The number of products does matter. I always recommend focusing down to less than 50 products to start with. Get those products ranking in Google, good content etc. and then add more
  • The good news - the Fresh Store system will handle everything for you. Throttling will always happen and isn't a big problem
  • How to add products - use the "Add Products by ASIN" option
  • Recommended settings in your store (turn off remote shopping cart, change updating frequency)
  • Throttling is on an account level, even if you have multiple sets of keys.
  • Don't forget about eBay! You can run an entire store without Amazon if you want, and only use eBay. It's a good money earner!
  • What else are we doing? Better shopping cart (doesn't require API) and a "no api" mode for Fresh Store. Will be available to all members.
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