A Guide to the FreshAdmin Control Panel

Version 9 has a big change coming to Fresh Store. We are releasing a brand new fresh admin control panel. Below is a quick reference guide to the control panel and the different TABS on your sidebar. I will go into detail what each TAB. If you have been using the old control panel then you will notice stuff has been moved around under the TABS. One example, you will notice the Categories tab is gone, it has been merged under Products to make it quicker for you guys to find the features you are looking for.

Design Tab =

Templates - Here you can switch the theme that is being used for your store.

Template Options - Under this tab you will find all the template options offered for your current theme selected. EX, Changing Menu Links, Uploading Banners & Logos, and much more. There could be 30 to 40 different settings you can tweak for your theme, I recommend taking the time to read the description for each one, you have full control over all template options.

Visual Editor - Under the Visual editor you will be able to set custom colors for your current theme selected, you will have the option to pick from pre-set color schemes to making your own custom colors.

Homepage Layout - This controls your Home Page widgets. Each theme has their own widgets that you can select for your home page, the standard widgets are H1 Title, Product Slider, Best Sellers, Special Offers, Brands, Top Description and Bottom Description. You also have Custom HTML blocks that you can set for your Home Page widgets if you wanted to include any HTML banners or codes from external sites. If you want to tweak any settings for the widgets you enabled, you must go back to the Template Options and find the settings for the widget you want to adjust.

Sideboxes - This page will list all sideboxes you have created, it will show Enabled & Disabled sideboxes. Sideboxes can be used for linking to your content pages, custom links, custom html and banners.

Add Sidebox - This is quick link to Create a New Sidebox, you will have a option to create a "HTML" sidebox or a "PAGE LINKS" sidebox. If you want to showcase your content pages that you created in the store. You would make the "page iinks" sidebox and when you create or edit a content page, under the OPTIONS tab, you will see a list of sideboxes that you can choose to list your article under.

Sort Sideboxes - Under this page you will be able to adjust the sort order of your sideboxes on your stores sidebar.

Favicon -  Under this page you can upload a custom favicon for your store.

Products TAB =

Add Product Categories - This is where you would click to add a new category to your store. A category can be anything you want, for ex, PS4, PS4 Video Games, PS4 Consoles, would be categories for a niche store promoting video games.

Add Products - Under this page, you will see the different methods you can use to add products into your new categories.

  • Search for Amazon Products - Here you can search using Keyword or amazon Browse Node
  • Add Amazon Products by ASIN - Adding Items or Setting a Queue to drip feed items by ASIN.
  • Create Product Bundles - Creating Amazon product bundles you think people might buy together.
  • Search for eBay Products - Adding eBay items to your amazon store.

View Product Categories - This page will list all the categories and sub-categories you may have created, you will also be able to view how many products are in each category, add new categories, delete categories, setup auto-populate settings, upload a image for the category and more.

View Amazon Products - This will list all the amazon products you have in your store.

View eBay Products - This will list all the ebay items in your store.

View Bundles - This page will show any active bundles you created.

Product Manufacturers - Brands by default are not enaled, this page will list all the different brands of products that are in your store. Under this page you can choose which brands you want to enable to show on your store, you can also merge brands, edit the brand logo and more.

Product Attributes - Different Attributes for your products that is used in filters and product pages.

Product Tags - Settings for the tags

Product Options - Product options are when you have a variation on the product, for example a T-Shirt with different sizes and different colours. This section allows you to change the default Amazon name of these options and also whether the option is browse-able and/or searchable.

Find Products - Use the product finder to browse Amazons products, either by a Search Term or a Browse Node, and add them to your site. Using this method instead of auto populating is a good way to have more control over the products for sale in your store.

Product Bundle - This is a quick link to create a new product bundle

Find eBay Products - Use this feature to add new ebay products to your categories.

Add Category Group - This creates a unique sidebox for your categories. So if you are selling say PS4 and XBOX products. You can have one Category Group for XBOX DEALS and another for PS4 DEALS. Then under those Category Groups, you would add the categories like consoles, video games, accessories for gaming console.

View Category Groups - This just shows all the current category groups created, by default there is only one created and its called "Browse Categories".

Content TAB =

Your Pages - This will show all your content pages, it will have any new pages you created and the default ones that come when you installed the store.

Automatic Content - This currently is the settings page for the SpinRewriter, this only spins the content for the Amazon Description on your product pages. It does NOT create automatic content pages, that is coming soon =)

Product Reviews - This will show any reviews submitted on your product pages using the Customer Reviews feature that is shown on each product in your store.

Product Queues - This feature lets you create a list of products you want to work on to make unique, as you work on the product and make changes, when you click save, it will remove that product from the queue so you know its done and you can move to the next one.

Content Templates - These are your spinning templates that are used for your Product Pages Content and & Meta. These come disabled by default, we recommend editing them to make them unique to your niche before you enable them.

Generate Content - This feature you would use anytime you make changes to your spinning template, you will first need to unlock the products and then run this feature. When you run this feature, if you have added any unique content to a product page, it will be wiped if you unlock all products and generate new content.

Translate Product Options - Product Options come directly from the Amazon API. This means sometimes, even when using none-English Amazon versions, the API will return product options in English. This tool allows you to override Product Options manually, to make sure option names display exactly as you want your customers to see them.

Change Store Text - This option will let you SEO Optimize your store even more, you can change all the default store text to something unique!

Add Page - This is a quick link to create a new content/article page for your store. If you have created any sideboxes, click the OPTIONS tab before saving your page to link that page to a sidebox

Traffic, SEO & Sales TAB =

Facebook Posting - This is a feature that lets you post products from your fsb store to your FB Page

Facebook Post Queue - This shows the current queue you have setup.

Pinterest Posting - For this feature you will need a SSL, it will connect to your pinterest profile and let you post your products.

Internal Linking - This feature is used for ONPAGE SEO, you can set links for any keyword and link it to any page in your website. You can use this to link keywords to your categories or blog posts or anything you like.

Country Redirect - This feature is used to direct customers to your different stores for different locales. So if you have a store for Amazon UK and one for USA, you can give the customer the option to go to the correct store, the flags will drop down on the top of the website. It will not auto redirect them, they will need to click the flag to load the store.

Mange Tab =

View Orphan Products - This will list any products that are not linked to a category. From this page you can move those products to a category.

View Hidden Products - This will show any products you may have hidden from your store.

View Recent Products - This will list recent products you added into your store.

View Offerless Products - This will list items out of stock and also offerless items, these would be kindle ebooks, and any item for download.

Stats & Data TAB = 

Visitor Searches - This is a great place to see what people are searching for on your website. Then you can add those products if you don't have them and also use those keywords in your articles for better rankings and traffic.

Email Subscribers - This is the newsletter feature we have in FSB. This just collects the emails, you will need to export the emails and use them with your email marketing tool to start sending emails to your subscribers.

Checkout Report - This lists any checkouts using the shopping cart feature.

Export Checkouts - Lets you export your checkouts

API Requests - Gives you some information on how many requests your store is making and if there are any errors.

API Throttling - This lets you know if your store has been throttled and how often, customers won't any problems buying from your store or see any affect if you are getting throttled a lot. You may see a increase in time it takes to add new products if you are getting throttled a lot.

Export Products - This lets you export all of your products into a spreadsheet. You currently cant import this file back into the store, in the future you might be able.

Autorun Tasks - In this area you can see when your autorun tasks last run. These tasks run jobs automatically in the background, such as creating an XML Sitemap or populating your categories.

Training & Guides - This links to https://freshlabs.link/guides-freshstore

Get Help & Support - This links to https://freshlabs.link/support for any support/questions/sales

Your Mastermind Group - This links to our Facebook Page.

Your Private Forum - https://freshlabs.link/forum

Your Account - Links to your Account Area https://freshlabs.link/fsi-myaccount

  Your Store Health - Each store is unique and has a different structure. To the right you'll see an overview of the progress you're making building your store.

Quick Store Setup

Your Next Steps - Fresh Store is packed with different settings and features to customize your website. Some of these features are highlighted below.

Test Amazon Keys - On this page you will set your amazon keys and tracking id so you can get paid =)

Delete Cache - Your store uses caching to make sure the pages load lightning fast. Please note these important points:

Template Upgrades - When you click upgrade on any item to the left, it will be automatically upgraded in your store. Please make sure you have a backup of your store files and database before performing an upgrade.

Refresh Templates - This option will refresh all the template options, images, language etc. Your current settings will not be overwritten.

Reset Templates - WARNING! This action cannot be undone.

Use the links below to reset all the options, CSS and images for the current template (fsbp-freshprofit-pro) back to the default settings.

Any changes you have made to the template will be reverted and lost forever.

Reset Sideboxes - If you click below, all the sideboxes for the current template will be reset to the default title, sortorder and status. If you have customized your sideboxes then you will lose your settings.

Reset Store - WARNING! This will remove all Widgets and associated settings you may have configured.

Depending on the template data, resetting this data may cause your products, categories, tags etc to be reset.

Migrate to SSL - You will need to run this feature if you are switching to HTTPS or going back to HTTP

Lock/Unlock Products - Click below to unlock all of your products. Note that any custom content may be lost if you choose to do this. If you edited your spinning templates, they wont  take affect for exisiting products until you unlock and generate new content.

Fix All Page Names - Fresh Store automatically generates pagenames (e.g. www.yoursite.com/electric-toothbrush/) but occasionally two products would potentially have the same pagename. In this case a random number is added to the end of the pagename (e.g. www.yoursite.com/electric-toothbrush-823423423/).

This tool checks all the pagenames to see if that number can be removed (e.g. the original product may have been deleted). Simply run it by clicking below and all your pagenames will be fixed.

Fix Blank Pages - You should not need to use this tool, but during experiments we created products with blank pagenames (i.e. they can't be accessed) and running this script will fix them. Be sure to report any problems to Fresh Store support so they can be fixed properly.

Block Bots - On this page you can see which bots have been blocked from your website, you can also manually block any IP. This is good to use if you notice certain countries sucking your resurces, if your store is for USA customers but 50% of your traffic is from Russia, China, then chances are its all bots. You would want to start blocking some of those. This script will detect certain bots and block them

Your Store Name - Change your store name

Your Store Settings - All the settings for your store.

Your eBay Settings - Setting your ebay tracking id and keys

Your Amazon Settings - Ths is where your amazon keys and tracking id are set.

Your Users & Admins - Now you can setup user/pass for your VAs or anyone you want to have access to your backend.

Your Store API - An API allows secure external access to your store information including products and categories.

Your License - You need to license each store you own, this is very important to make sure you get the newest updates and that your store will get credit for your sales.

Amazon API : Product - More for advanced users, this will give you a link to the XML generated by Amazon for retrieving a product.

Amazon API : Product Offers - More for advanced users, this will give you a link to the XML generated by Amazon for product offers.

Amazon API : Browsnode - More for advanced users, this will give you a link to the XML generated by Amazon for retrieving a browsenode.

Amazon API : Product Review -  More for advanced users, this will give you a link to the XML generated by Amazon for product reviews.

The Premium Club -   https://freshlabs.link/go-premium

Fresh Store Instant - https://freshlabs.link/fresh-store-instant

OneAzon - https://freshlabs.link/oneazon

FastPress - https://freshlabs.link/fastpress

More Products - https://freshlabs.link/fresh-labs

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