What is a Category Group and how do I set them up?

When you install a new store, by default there will be 1 category group created. Its called "Browse Categories". You can create as many groups as you like to separate your products.

For example, if you had a video game store. You could create a category group for PS4, XBOX, WII and then under those groups, you would add categories like video games, consoles, accessories.

On this page you pick the name of your group, you can change this anytime.

On this page it will show all your current category groups and the sort order. If you want to change the sort order, you must click the green edit icon under each category and edit the sort order number. You will need to edit each category group to change the sort order number if you choose to change the order.

This is how the category groups look on your sidebar.

To set categories under a group.

When you are adding a new category, before saving, click the OPTIONS tab, you will see a drop down of your category groups.

If you have a category already created, click to edit that category and click on the OPTIONS tab and you will see your list of category groups.

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