OneAzon - How do I create a bundle?

The “Bundle Creator” screen is where you will define the bundles you want to promote on your site. You will need to create your bundles before you can add them to pages and posts.

From the OneAzon menu, select ‘Bundle Creator’.

Here you will be given the option to Start a New Bundle or edit an existing one.

Select ‘Start New Bundle’.

Searching For Products

The first thing you will see is the Search Bar.

This will search the Amazon API for products on the store you have selected. You can search by keyword or by ASIN. If you search by ASIN, you will only have that one product returned in the results. If you search by search term, you will see a list of results returned similar to this:

The search results will be returned in pages of (10) items. To search for the next (10) items, you can use the Next Page button. A total of (10) pages will be retrieved, for 100 items. This limit is set by the Amazon API, but you can always either search again, or enter the ASIN number of the item you are looking for.

Adding Items to the Bundle

Clicking on a product in the search results table will bring up a preview of the item, and a button to add the item to your Bundle, as shown in this screenshot. Simply click the “Add Item to Bundle” button to include this item.

You will now see that you have an overview of your “Bundle So Far” at the top right of your screen, showing you the Total Items, Bundle price, and individual items.

Similar Items

You will notice that as you add an Item to the bundle, a “Similar Products” screen will load. This is pulling from the Amazon API, and return up to (10) products that are similar. Per Amazon, “Similarity is a measurement of similar items purchased, that is, customers who bought X also bought Y and Z”. You can click and add any of these Similar Items to the bundle.

Saving the Bundle

When you have added all the items to your bundle, click on the “Finish and Save Bundle” button and you will go to the final screen where you can Review, Name and Save your bundle.

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