OneAzon Review

Wondering what other people have to say about OneAzon? This is a small collection of OneAzon reviews:

"Quick report on this new plugin.. It has been active on my site since July 16th. It has had 23 clicks which generated 5 purchases. Generated revenue of $54.68. Compared to my normal tracking code which generated 153 clicks, 2 sales and revenue of $9.99. The new plugin more than doubled the results! It also vastly increased the per purchase amount to $10.94 from $5.00." - Bill Griggs

"The "Fresh" Amazon affiliate products are of the highest quality. Constant improvements, innovations and excellent support means you stand the best chance of making money as an Amazon affiliate." - Lorna Langdon

"This plugin is a really easy way to add bundles of products to your wordpress site. The auto mode is pretty good depending on the keyword you're using. It certainly get's you up and running quickly and then you can go in and edit the settings to fine tune what you offer. The presentation on your wordpress site is very professional and can be customised to create the look you want." - Andy Day

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