Your Printable Store Checklist

Here is a checklist of items that you can tick off as you create your website.

____Have your niche- The first thing to think about before creating a website is your niche. What do you want to promote, talk about, write about, and offer customers? Some guides to reference on niche are:

____Choose a Domain - Once you decide on a niche, the next step is to choose a domain. Make sure that the domain fits the niche. You do not want to have a domain and sell baby diapers. Take a look at the below guide that explains more about choosing a domain. If you’ve purchased the domain from another site, be sure to change the name servers to FSI ones. You can also use our free domains and create subdomain stores instead.

____Created an Amazon Affiliate Account -  To add products to your store, you need API keys. FSI members get to use our API keys until they get their own. You will need a tracking ID to track your sales and clicks. When applying for an affiliate account we recommend that you use a blog. Amazon wants to see a site with content and not a list of their products. Below are some guides to look over. Remember, that now you can also add ebay products to your stores as well. You will need to follow the guide to get your ebay keys and tracking ID.

____Choose a FSI Package - Once you have your niche and domain, it’s time to choose a FSI package. Remember that you can easily upgrade/downgrade your package at any time.

____Create Your Store - With FSI you can choose to create a blank store and add the categories and products you want or you can select one of our premade niche stores. Premade niche stores come with categories and products but you can always edit them; delete categories or add new ones.

____Add your Tracking ID – Once you login to your FSI store, go to Tools--->Test  Amazon Keys. FSI members can use our keys until they get their own from Amazon. Their new rules require that you have 3 sales or clicks before you get your API keys. You also need to have at least one sale a month to keep your keys active. Please note that API keys allow you to add Amazon products to your store. The tracking ID or Amazon Tag is what tracks your clicks and sales. Make sure that you add in your tracking ID to all your stores. Be sure to create different Amazon tags so that you can track the progress of each store. If you use the same tracking ID all your websites, it will be hard to determine where the sales and clicks came from.

____Edit the Store - FSI makes it extremely easy to create a store since you do not need to go through cPanel and do the manual install. Once your store has been created, you need to go through it and revise it. Are the titles of products too long? Shorten them. Do you like the categories? Are there other categories you can add? Do you like the banner? You can edit the original header or create free banners through Make sure to set your store to live. You can work on your store while it’s live and should not keep it offline for months until you think the website is just right.

____Add Content - If you want to bring organic traffic to your store, you need to add content.  Adding articles to your store and content to your homepage and categories can help customers find your website. Using keywords in your content relating to your niche can help.

____Traffic – Now that you have your site, added your categories and content, and edited the banner, you want to get traffic. Traffic to your site is what will help you get clicks and sales. We have some great guides on traffic that will help your store.

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