9 - Creating Your First Instant Store

FSI is a great way to create an affiliate store even if you are not tech-savvy. You can have a complete store within minutes without doing any manual install. Fresh Store also makes it easy to create a blank store, a niche store, delete a store and change your store domain. Again, everything is done inside your FSI dashboard, which means you won’t be lost inside your cPanel.

When it comes to creating your first instant store, do not fuss about it. Instead create a store to see how it works, where everything is located and to see how easy the whole process is.

In your FSI account, you can choose to create a niche store or a blank store. A niche store is an already made store with categories, products, banner and content. Here is a guide on how to create an FSI niche store: https://guides.freshlabs.group/article/121-video-guide-creating-a-10-second-fsi-store

You can also create a blank store. A blank store means that there will be no categories, products, content or headers. You will be able to do all this within the store. Here is the guide on how to create a blank FSI store: https://guides.freshlabs.group/article/120-video-guide-creating-a-blank-fsi-store

If you chose a wrong niche or want to start again, just go to your FSI dashboard ( https://myaccount.freshstoreinstant.com/instant-stores/) and next to your store select Options. Once you click Options, you will see a variety of choices such as upgrading your store (if there is a new version), Delete, Reset, and Check SSL. You can delete the store and start again. 

Your first store does not have to be the store you keep. This way you don’t have to stress about picking the perfect niche or creating the ideal store. You want to be able to create a store and get familiar with everything first. 

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