Can I make an income with affiliate stores?

Yes, creating affiliate websites is a great way to make an income online!

It's hassle-free, doesn't require any major investment, can be easily pivoted and (this is the best one) it creates assets that grow in value over time.

When you build an affiliate website, you are planting a tree. Take care of it and give it regular attention, and it will grow tall and strong.
Choose a niche that you enjoy working on or that you also want to know more about. If your interest is piqued you are more willing to work on your website.
Remember to add new content and to work on your store often. You can write your articles and guides in advance and set dates for when they get published. 
You want to add new content and keep your site current. With new products and concepts coming out all the time, it’s easy to keep your content fresh and updated. 
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