Content Ideas for Your Niche

So you chose a niche for your store, now what? You want to have the right categories and keywords in your store so that customers can easily find your website. There are a number of ways in which you can do this. Here are some suggestions:

Google-You might hate it or love it but Google can be a great tool to use for your store niche. Go to Google and use the search. If your niche for example is about cookies type  in “best cookies” and see the suggested keywords and results.  Another option is to look at the bottom of the page and see the suggested keywords. These keywords can then be added to your content and can also give you ideas for your articles and guides. 

Amazon- Another site to help you research keywords for your niche is Amazon. Again, just type in your niche word and you’ll see a variety of options/suggestions.

These two sites are a great way to get your keyword suggestions that you can add to your store. You can add these options for your store categories or for your articles. These keywords can help you understand what customers are looking for and the results they are finding. You can then combine the results and compose a better solution.

Browsing through Amazon and your internet browser you’ll also find new trends. These trends can give you ideas for your next niche store or even your current website. For example, Amazon has the New Releases tab. When you click on it you’ll see other options such as Most Wished for Items. You can look through those options to find ideas for your next website. You can also find great ideas on gadget websites and news articles.   

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